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House Painting Fort Myers and Cape Coral, FL

House Painting Cape Coral Exterior house painting is done every five to eight years in Florida. It often depends on how bad the weather and sun damages the paint. It is a good idea to walk around your house and check for the following problems on a bi-annual basis.

The first thing to look for is fading of the color and shine of the house. If you run your hand across the surface do you have a white powdery substance? This is called chalking and it means the paint is oxidizing. It is a good idea to check all sides of your house when doing this.

Look for cracks around windows and stucco. Paint will often be cracking or peeling from the stucco, wood, and aluminum.

Houses will often have algae growing on them which is either green, brown, black, or red in color.

The number one reason to keep a fresh coat of paint on your house is to protect your home from damage.

A house that is neglected often has stucco damage, rotting wood, and cracks that allow insects to enter the house.

By keeping a fresh coat of paint on all surfaces it will help save you costly repairs in the future. A fresh coat of paint will also beautify your home.

House Painting Fort Myers The color and brand of paint are very important on home exterior colors. A good quality satin paint will increase the longevity of the paint job. Some colors just donít withstand the abuse of the Florida sun, so great care should be taken when making these decisions.

If selling your house, painting is the cheapest upgrade you can make to increase the likelihood your home will sell quicker and potentially for a higher profit.

We are there to help you make color choices, protect and beautify your home.

Residential Painting services include:
  • House Exterior Painting
  • Home Interior Painting
  • Driveway/Concrete Painting
  • Faux Panting
  • Pool Deck Painting
  • Dock Painting
  • Fence Painting

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