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Painting Questions and Answers

When should you paint the exterior of your house?
  • Often the presence of algae growing on the outer walls is an indication you need paint. The algae is often red, brown, or black in color. This left unchecked will actually degrade the paint to the bare surface.
  • The house will be chalking. This means when you take your hand and rub the outside of your house you will get a white chalk on your hand.
  • The presence of numerous cracks visible on your exterior. In addition if you have wood fascia on your home you’ll see splitting wood or peeling.
  • The Florida sun will cause the color to fade, which can give your home a dull look.

Why paint the outside of your house?

  • Better curb appeal. We’ve painted several houses that would not sell. After painting these houses they sold quickly often bringing a better price then their competition.
  • Protect the exterior surface from water intrusion. The stucco can become very brittle and can start to chip off the house. In addition there can be rotting wood and insect intrusion.
  • Keep your neighbors happy. I often hear from neighbors how glad they are that finally someone is painting the house that someone has neglected.
  • Your home is often your most expensive investment. Shouldn’t you take care of it?

How to take care of the exterior of your house?
Pressure cleaning will extend the life of your paint. A person with experience knows how much pressure to apply and the proper chemicals to use. This will keep the algae from growing on your house. I would suggest up to twice a year depending on the condition of your home.

When should I paint my concrete surfaces (i.e pool decks, lanais, driveways)? Paint can be used on concrete, but often a solid concrete stain is a better choice. You should be looking for fading, cracks and the growth of algae. Most people stain when pressure cleaning doesn’t seem to help any more. We can also fill any cracks in the floor which will help with the overall appearance of the surface. It will also help with further expansion and weed growth where the cracks were.

Can we paint our vinyl siding?
Like stucco, vinyl siding will start to chalk. These surfaces must be handled properly with a sealer and the proper kind of paint.

Can you paint aluminum fascia, soffit, and drip cap?
I often suggest this on older homes. You can do it a newer home; however leaving the Powder Coated paint from the factory is better in the long run. When these surfaces start fading or become pitted in appearance I suggest painting these surfaces.

Can you repair the wood on the outside of my home?
There are many fillers on the market that do a nice job. However, if you need boards replaced we have a reputable contractor we use for this purpose.

The baseboards in my house and doors are turning yellow. What is causing this? Without getting too technical, oil paint over time will often turn yellow. Painting with a hundred percent acrylic latex will solve this.

My outside doors have a lot of algae growth. What could be the problem?
Most likely the surface was painted with oil. Oil paint should not be used on outside surfaces. They really are not preferable on the interior either because they can turn yellow.

Does your company use environmentally safe products?
We promote environmentally-friendly paints. This includes not only the paint made with natural binders but the recycled plastic and paper container it comes in. The cans label is even printed in soy ink.

Can you help me pick the colors inside my house?
We will gladly help you pick the color inside your home or direct you to a interior decorator for a nominal fee.

Do you have a paint that will help make cleaning the surfaces easier?
We have paints that you can scrub very easily without taking the paint off the walls. We also often use these in offices with high traffic and in homes with children and pets.

Can you just paint the wood work in my house?
Yes, we can. It can certainly improve the look of the home when the walls don’t need to be painted.

Do you fix popcorn ceilings?
Yes, we do. We can even get rid of the popcorn ceiling and update the look of your home.

If I want a faux finishing done do you have samples?
Yes, we have samples; however we can also customize the color and finish to your liking.

Do you do epoxy floors?
Yes, we do. Our most popular is 100% broadcast of chips. This can be done in garages, lanais, entry ways, and recreation rooms. We have 75 color combinations or you can create your own. It is a very durable finish.

I’m a smoker and just moved out of my home. I am trying to sell it. Can you get rid of the smoke smell?
We can seal the entire house so no smoke vapors come through. The sealer will also lock in the nicotine stain so it will not bleed through the paint.

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