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Our faux finishing team has over 15 years experience combined. We are known for our creativity and passion, making sure the customer is completely happy. We use high-quality products like Faux Effects® glaze, an industry leader in the most durable, long-lasting finishes, giving your walls richness and depth even with a simple, affordable, single color glaze or color wash.

Each wall is treated like a "canvas painting" where attention to detail is the utmost of importance. We do custom, 15" x 20" samples to match the design and atmosphere of your home, office or community club house. Our team is recognized for our specialty finishes ranging from the beauty and elegance of Venetian plaster, the old world finish of Mediterranean stucco, the magic of shimmer stone, marbling and refined color glazes. See the complete list of finishes we do below.

We offer faux finish free estimates which include color and design consultation. We are also happy to work with your interior designer, if you have one. Over the years, our team has worked on residential projects and commercial projects from Bonita Springs to Punta Gorda.

Faux Finish Designs in Detail

Base Coat

Before we share with you the many different faux designs we can create, it is important to realize that a fresh, base coat done in an egg shell sheen is required before any faux finishing is applied. With metallics, we simply apply two coats of metallic paint as a base coat.

Color Washes

Color washes, among our rag finishes, are the most popular types of faux finishes because the technique can be done with one color that gets mixed with a glaze. Glazing liquid is a clear material that makes the paint translucent which renders depth and expands into a range of many shades. Color washes can be applied in any area of the house or office, walls or ceilings - it all depends on what kind of mood you want to create as well as matching the style of your furniture and accessories. This type of finish lends itself to simplicity and elegance.

A variation of a color wash is what we call an old world finish. We can create the drifts and movement of marble, without the veins, in earth tones. This can really warm a room up and add interest.

Since we will apply one layer over the surface, this custom finish is also very affordable. All of our faux finishes are durable and we use only low odor, acrylic based products.

Rag Finishes

Rag finishes include rag wash, rag roll and ragging. Take a look at our samples to see the difference between them. The common denominator - you guessed it - we use large rags to create these custom paint finishes. The rag wash is a two layer process where we rag the area out and then come back and add another layer of glaze to soften it.

A rag roll finish is simply a ragging technique where you dip the rag in glaze and roll it evenly down the wall. With a ragging finish, we dip the rag in glaze and apply it to the surface to give it that textured feel. What's great about this finish are the crisp edges a rag leaves on the wall and yet in some areas remains soft looking. Rag finishes can be applied to any area of the house or office, just like a color wash, to the walls and ceilings. It all depends on your imagination.

Faux Marble

We can make a surface look like real marble, whether it's Sienna marble, Carrara marble, Verde, Pink Travertine or any other type of marble. You can even pick out a piece of marble from a marble company and we will match it! Layers are applied to the surface to create the large drifts and then we add the "veining". When this dries, we put a coat of high gloss on the surface which gives it more of a "glow". Good areas to showcase faux marble is in niches, columns, bathrooms and accent walls.


Metallics are also very popular because they offer that unusual reflective pattern, especially when a metallic base coat is applied and then, on top of that, a ragging technique, like charcoal grey over a rich gold to give it a "weathered", old world finish. We offer a variety of color combinations. There are over 75 different metallic colors to choose from.

The best areas for metallic finishes are ceilings, accent walls and niches.

Shimmer Stone

Shimmer stone, which is the same as Luster stone, is a unique type of finish. It's applied with a 6 inch knife, wet on wet, very thin. With the way the combination of colors are applied, which is a movement of the knife across the surface from many angles, makes the surface shimmer.

So, from one area you can see the surface shimmer and other areas aren't quite shimmering. When you move to another area while looking at the surface, you will see another area shimmering, where it didnít before. This is more popular than Venetian plaster because of its unique effect and because it costs less. Only 2 layers need to be applied as opposed to 3 or 4.

Shimmer stone is good on walls, ceilings, accent walls and niches. We have applied shimmer stone in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and foyers.

Venetian Plaster

We can make your walls look like marble. Our materials actually have marble granules in them! Venetian plaster lends itself to subtly, beauty and depth. We apply this custom wall finish in 4 layers with a knife. The first 3 layers are varied colors. The layers are applied so thin that in the end, you will be able to see through the surface. The magic is in the fourth layer, where we polish the plaster, giving it an eggshell sheen or high gloss sheen.

Some clients like the Venetian plaster without a gloss. Whatever your needs are, we are here for you. The color combinations and designs are endless!

We also offer faux Venetian plaster. This is applied with a knife and paint and is less expensive than our regular Venetian plaster because it is done in 1 coat, 2 if you want a gloss coat to be added to the surface.

The areas in your home or office best suited for Venetian plaster are hallways, foyers, bathrooms, accent walls, niches and columns.

Brush Out

A brush out is similar to a "wash". It's just applied a lot heavier to give it a richer look. Sometimes we take a knife and push the paint around which gives the surface a dramatic look. See our sample for the brush out finishes. The places to apply this finish are in bedrooms, living rooms and accent walls.


Scrunching is another special kind of finish. After the base coat dries, we take a darker color, about 2 to 3 shades darker than the base coat, and we brush and roll out a wall. While itís wet, we take large pieces of plastic, enough to cover the wall and lay it on the wall, pinching areas to create interesting designs. Then, we gently lift the plastic off of the surface, and whatís left is a beautiful scrunched design.

Scrunching is good for areas like bathrooms and accent walls.

Crackle Finishes

What makes a wall look like it's crackled or alligatored is this - after the base coat is applied, an area of the wall is brushed with a thin layer of glue. When we add the glaze onto the glue, it separates, giving the crackle look. This can be done in 2 or 3 layers. The first layer is the glue, then the glaze. What's optional is another layer of glaze after the last crackled layer dries. Areas the crackle finish works in is bathrooms, dining rooms and accent walls.


We can create the stateliness of stripes. Bathrooms look better with smaller stripes, like 9 inches in width or smaller and bedrooms look better with larger stripes, like 9 inches to 12 inches in width. We have applied stripes where we do a base coat, let dry, mark the areas off with tape and in every other area apply a high gloss clear coat. This makes for a very nice, subtle appearance. Or, we have applied stripes of similar colors and then put a wash over the surface. You can probably see the importance of doing samples so we can customize and get the color and design just right for you.

Boy, oh boy! Do we use the tape on this one. The key is in using a special tape that keeps the edges crisp with no bleeding. This makes the room pop visually.

Areas that stripe finishes work best is in dining rooms and bathrooms.


Strie gives the look of "fine fabric". The soft movement that runs vertically down the walls works well in dining rooms and kitchens.

Mediterranean Stucco

And finally, our last but not least, unique custom paint finish is the Mediterranean stucco. We apply several layers of this thick material with a knife. It is a gritty material and when it's dry it feels just like stone. What makes this finish unusual, is that the material is applied wet on wet so that when the different colors mix, they create different tones and shades, just like a stone, embedded within having its natural colors and organic design. The best place for Mediterranean stucco is bathrooms, niches and accent walls, like bedrooms.

You can view more faux finish samples in our faux painting gallery

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